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Therapy chairs

Carepy 200 is a chair with electric movement designed to be used in clinics, oncology day-hospitals and blood sampling departments.



• CAREPY is equipped with the innovative Exit and Entrance functions. These functions assist the patient while they are getting onto and off of the chair. Thanks to motorised movement, the operator can support the feet of a patient with mobility problems without excessive strain on the back. The chair can be accessed laterally by lowering the armrests. It is possible to choose from a range of different armrests.

• The padding is produced with a support which offers a high degree of cradling together with a support in viscoelastic material. It is entirely upholstered using a washable, breathable fabric and developed in a way which reduces the risk of cross-infection. All sections can be removed in order that all parts of the unit can be thoroughly washed, including hidden parts.

• The chair can be adjusted so that it is completely horizontal in order that it can be used as an examination bed or for small clinical procedures. The doctor adjusts the height to reach the most comfortable and ergonomic position, thus reducing the load on the spine.

• Electrically operated Trendelenburg position.

• Padding in viscoelastic material to eliminate pressure points.

• Plus armrest adjustable for height and angle.

• Paper roll holder.

• CPR - On both sides to lower the backrest with assisted movement dampened with gas spring.

• Column raising system.

• Footswitch with memory function.