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Electric. Supplied as standard with siderail mounted control panel and the full position pack.



• Four-section platform with moulded one-piece sections.

• Backrest and leg section movements are accompanied by auto-regression to reduce pressure on the abdomen and increase patient comfort.

• 4 one-piece moulded half-length siderails.

• 9LI7 Compass height adjustment system - 9LI8 Column height adjustment system.

• One-piece moulded head and foot boards with locking system.

• Bumpers to protect the bed and walls in case of impact.

• Head/foot boards with comfortable integrated push handle.

• Red CPR lever on both sides of the bed.

• Height adjustment, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg controlled electrically.

• Siderail lowering is dampened for increased safety.

The controls built in to the siderails, internally and externally, are easily accessed by both the patient and the operator. Siderail lowering is dampened for increased safety.