We invest in technology to invest in people

The value of quality.

Here at Favero Health Projects Group quality has a precise value which is measured in terms of what we contribute to people’s wellbeing. Designing healthcare solutions means first and foremost transforming this value into a reality by creating solutions for patients and operators which are tailored to their actual needs and which provide real benefits.


To achieve this each of our products encompasses a series of tangible and intangible characteristics that come together to define the high quality and value of the product as well as justifying its high status within the market.

From research to design, from the choice of materials to the technological innovations implemented, from production processes to customer care, each of these factors plays its part in determining the quality of Favero Group products. To these we can add an intangible extra something, a feature based on our company philosophy, that comes from our intimate understanding of the needs of both operators and patients and which is the culmination of our many decades of experience in the sector. This additional characteristic brings together ethics, efficiency, reliability, customer care and above all a true understanding of people. This is the value we attribute to quality and to all our products and solutions. 


This definition no longer means merely meeting the needs of the end user of our products; it means having a tangible, positive impact on the life and well-being of all those who interact with our products on a daily basis. Only in this way does quality become a real value that serves to genuinely improve people’s lives.


Design research for health innovation.

We design and make our furnishing solutions because they benefit the health of patients and the work of the staff.

We want their user experience always to be a happy one, promoting positive emotions, and for this, we busy ourselves every day so that our creations are of high quality, ergonomic, robust, safe and durable.

Patients and staff are the fulcra of our design process.

Indeed, the constant and tangible encounter with health care realities allows us to understand first-hand the dynamics and critical aspects of health care, and effectively to target our R&D work to address them.

After designing, there then follows a technological state of the art production, a series of inflexible tests during all production phases and a complete system of quality certification.

This allows us to offer healthcare furnishing solutions which are held as a reference by the sector in terms of quality, design, functionality, performance and efficiency.

Amongst our lead products greatly appreciated by the sector, the solutions for paediatrics, the trolleys, the integrated systems and the “turnkey” supplies of completely furnished environments for nursing care homes and hospitals.

Safety for patient and operator.

The work of the operator and the patient’s condition are subject to risks; this awareness is what prompted us to manufacture our products in such a way as to prevent any possible dangers linked to their use, thus ensuring the highest possible degree of safety.

Infection control and total safety, our priority.

Design, materials and technological solutions: every aspect of the inspire next discovery bed has been designed to meet the most stringent hygiene and disinfection criteria, ensuring sanitisation of the highest order and enhanced safety for users.


Favero Health Projects products treated with antibacterial protection are designed to inhibit the growth of bacteria which is potentially harmful for health.

As the additives are distributed evenly in the structure of the components of the bed, this technology allows for extensive infection control across all of the product including hard to reach areas and those that come into contact with patients and hospital staff the most often.

Favero Health Projects offer a further level of protection against the growth of germs and provide added value to the usual high quality standards so as to be always at the forefront of modern construction and technology.


The choice of easily sanitized materials and the total absence of interstices in which dirt and dust could nest, contribute toreduce the risk of contagious bacterial infections, ensuring greater protection over time and thus achieving the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness, also by using anti-bacterial technology.

The patented removable siderail.

A genuine innovation in the hospital bed market.

Through research and analysis we have discovered which furniture surfaces are most frequently touched within the hospital environment and these are the sides of beds, and mattresses and then dinner trays and trolleys used for treating patients.


Based on analysis of this data we recognised the need to offer furniture with removable siderails as well as removable headboard, footboard (shoulders) and sections of the bed base. This means we are the only company on the market offering removable siderails for hospital beds.


We analyse the relationship between the person and the environment to make ergonomically designed products with the aim of reducing the psychophysical fatigue on the operator and increasing patient comfort in all circumstances.


Our products are available in a widerange of colours, the result of a long and careful consideration on the benefits of Chromotherapy. Chameleon-like, they adapt by varying accessories and configurations to meet your needs.

Turnkey service healthcare.

Favero Health Projects offers turnkey solutions for homecare facilities, clinics and hospitals which are immediately ready to be used, a complete service which satisfies all customer needs: from the study of the spaces to the installation of the furniture.

All stages of the turnkey projects are managed by an internal division, a specialised team of designers, architects and technicians who guarantee excellent results and also optimisation and assurance in terms of time and costs.