Thunder Flash Hybrid, the motorised strectcher with smart braking.

Thunder Flash Hybrid is ergonomic and easy to move and it offers different functionalities (hybrid system; cushioned wheels) and safety features (double safety system at start).

Push handle command activation with safe Slow Motion drive.

Especially when descending on the ramps, it is possible to change the speed of the stretcher moving the acceleration knob or pressing the starting command only without speeding, so that the brake is automatically activated.

It is possible to switch from braking to movement by simply pressing the acceleration knob forward.


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Completely safe smart braking.

Maximum ergonomics and sustainable efficiency through the energy recovery system while braking. The Flash Hybrid system concept is very similar to the one of the more modern electrical cars which we can see now on our roads; they can be driven without pressing the brake and simply varying the intensity of the acceleration pedal or simply realising it completely for braking and recharging the battery.

Thunder Flash Hybrid offers an innovative technology which allows to brake automatically in complete safety and recover energy during the braking.

Thanks to the installed innovative system, part of the kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy which is transferred directly to the battery. This one gives a better energy efficiency increasing the autonomy of the use of the stretcher. The Flash Hybrid system generates an energy flow to the battery producing a braking power which slows down the stretcher.

RAMP WITH A DIFFERENCE IN HEIGHT UP TO 10% OVERPASSING. The Flash Hybrid system is very versatile as it can easily overpass the differences in height uphill.

DOWNHILL, THE "REGENERATIVE" BRAKE is a safety feature that helps slowing down the stretcher improving the efficiency of the battery consumption.

50% Operator efforts reduction and help for the hardest activities related to the different types of health transport.

Reduced overall dimensions: maximum ergonomics when moving.

Maximum safety Safe electronic braking system. Stretcher can be manually moved in case of low/out of order battery so it can be always used.

Cushioned wheel: constant contact with the ground.

Extremely light stretcher.