Thunder is light weight, slim line, robust, easy to handle and with elevated functional and safety features.

Patient surface articulated in two sections. The patient surface is free of sharp edges, easy to clean and disinfect.

The backrest is manually adjustable with gas spring assisted motion. The ergonomic section lever commands are easily accessed from both sides of the stretcher. The patient surface height is manually adjustable by two telescopic hydraulic columns. The minimum height setting is 58cm up to 91cm from the ground. The patient surface is designed with lateral openings to contain the mattress and to permit the passage of patient restraint straps. 

  • Slim line dimensions for easy elevator access.
  • Maximum patient surface side rail protection.
  • Patient surface articulated in two sections.
  • Anti-bedsore mattress with an antibacterial waterproof cover.
  • Fold down push handles at head end.
  • Robust telescopic columns for patient surface height adjustment and tilting.
  • Bi-lateral patient surface pedal commands.
  • Spacious under base frame area permits easy patient lift access.
  • Washable 200 mm wheels with central and directional lock.
  • Optional fifth wheel with pedal command activation.
  • Large swivel bumpers on each corner for maximum impact protection.


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The patient surface is radiolucent allowing full length x-ray examination. The stretcher can be completed with additional radiology accessories including a cassette support and Potter guides.
The stretcher is equipped as standard with a pair of siderails, manually adjustable in height. Each siderail is composed of six epoxy coated steel bars and a soft anti-shock plastic upper hand rail for total lateral protection. The siderails fold down motion is dampened by gas springs. The lowered siderail is level with the patient surface to assist easy patient transfer. The raised siderail locks automatically in position. The raised siderail height from the patient surface is 39 cm and the total siderail length is 140 cm.
The extremely light emergency stretcher requires minimum effort to push and manoeuvre. At the head end the stretcher can be fitted with a pair of double fold down push handles. Each handle can be lowered to permit full access to the patient head area. The stretcher handling may be further enhanced with the addition of an optional fifth wheel with pedal command activation.