Paediatric intensive care bed for the treatment of infants in critical situations.

  • Transparent siderails offer maximum protection and optimum patient visibility. Large swivel bumpers on each corner for maximum impact protection.
  • Electric 4-section radiolucent mattress platform.
  • The siderails are designed for ease of care and visibility. Removable headboard panels with 360° access.
  • Electric height adjustment. Electric Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions.


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Electric Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg positions offer great flexibility in the positioning and care of the patient. If the child is feeling unwell, the highest position can be selected quickly and easily and it can be quickly reset in case of emergency. For safety reasons these controls can be locked-out by hospital staff.
The easy removal of the headboard panels allows direct access to the mattress platform for ease of care. All plastic parts ensure easy, effective and quick cleaning of the surface, preventing cross-infection between patients.
In intensive care it is important for the anaesthetist to have access from the head side in case a patient needs to be intubated: the removable headboard panels are designed with this in mind. Furthermore, lowering the siderails allows 360° access to the child, which is essential to prevent incidents with ventilators or wires and therefore guarantees maximum safety to the patient at all times.